Master’s degree

Bolsonaro’s Tweets

Final project of the Fundamentals of Data Science subject. This work as done in a group formed by: Fredson Aguiar, Giovani Valdrighi (me) and Tomás Ferranti. The objective of the project is to analyze and verify the relationship between the tweets of the President of the Republic Jair Messias Bolsonaro and his sons, Eduardo Bolsonaro, Flávio Bolsonaro, Carlos Bolsonaro, and the variation observed in economic indices, such as the dollar exchange rate, the IBOVESPA, the IPCA, among others. The results obtained and a description of the development can be found on the following website.

Neural Style Transfer

Project on the discipline of Neural Networks and Deep Learning. In this work, I reproduce the work in the article A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style, by Leon A. Gays, Alexander S. Ecker, and Matthis Bethge. This article uses a convolutional neural network to represent the content and the style of an image. Then, with the optimization of new layers, can transfer the content to be represented in a new style. Some tests are made on how to adapt the style transfer for videos. It was made use of Pytorch for the implementation. There is a web page explaining the implementation. You can make a few changes to the code to run the style transfer on your own images.

Data Structure and Algorithms

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COVID-19 and the Network of Airplane Travels

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Analysis of the Dissemination of Fake News about COVID-19 on Twitter

This project was the final work for _Visual Data Analysis_discipline. This work was done in a group: Giovani Valdrighi (me), Lucas Freire, and Taisa Calvette. The object was to present a visualization tool to analyze the dissemination of fake news about COVID-19 on Twitter using data from Aos Fatos, a Brazilian fact-checking journal. Our tool used a topic modeling of the subject of the tweets and then visualized the evolution of this topic through time. The final result is available in a Notebook at Observablehq.