About me

I am a math lover who likes programming. I started studying math with the incentive of OBMEP, which is the national math competition, where I obtained good results. After that, I started participating in PIC Jr with the support of CNPq, having my first contact with the math academia. In 2018 I started a bachelor’s in applied math at EMAp in FGV, with the support of CMDC, and at the end of 2021, I concluded the course. I already started my master’s in math modeling at EMAp.

At EMAp, I first saw new areas of math that aroused my interest, such as statistics and machine learning. For three years, I participated in PICME, a program of scientific research, doing projects in the area of data science, visualization, and the scope of causal inference.

Besides math, I really like competitive electronic games, painting, and playing instruments. I deeply love all animals!